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you to have a gorgeous color, it is the color of and then you do have a drop it looks like opal. this is a beautiful old allies to obsidian.ave the opal dropping in the drusy which sparkles like crazy wire which is great but the drusy itself is wonderful if you love the blue, i you have blue eyes are you about wearing blue. you can lay air it with other things, and by the way, before i came out here, at 1030 eastern time has so much fun chatting with all of the ladies in live chat, and shelley daisy in connecticut, 111and gracie goose who is watching with her husband. has
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been up there, you do need to your sweetie a pair of the today's airing 7 and i promise you, she will love them.that is coming at and also face book. 6 c13 they're waiting for their herkimer christie is in the hsn check, she is monitoring twitter, and if you do want to check in with us and get connected, we'd love to see who is out there watching and shopping. the necklace6 c13 showing you, that is the favorite way to display the penance it is the multi strand necklace. $89.90. it does have a great classic by the way. this is a cylinder cylinder and it does look into it a
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slender ton and it does slip in and this is your classic and it does not, any pennant that you have will fit onto that and it will create a beautiful backdrop to your attendance. all of your penance will look prettier if you're wondering about this, that is a huge herkimer herkimer necklaces are coming up in my earrings that is the today's special coming up if you are wondering about this these are coming up in just eight little while but if you want 10 stranded from sajen silver are those are still available, use express ordering, we're very busy, you are wondering about the dress that valerie and i are wearing, it is lable, with wine and dine, hundreds out the door and then i had about thousand but we are down to the final 700. and it is stretchy. this is
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stretchy and a dust it incredibly. my original i do like this spurgeon better-- version it is gorgeous for $89 if you are looking for a great dress, classic beautiful, often dressed, this will be christmas eve, new year's eve holiday parties, you could wear it for work through a jacket over it, it is available if you would like to order it $89 is only good for this event. they took $10 off for this event. this is called card and and at this, this is a large, beautiful deep purple and at this stone we called it a garden and the senate does have inclusions in it. it is to ton2 tone
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and has a white accent here and it is very pretty in its presentation fascinating, this is a huge herkimer comes out of the ground like this and their double terminated courts, they come out of the ground with a tree in natural--18 natural assets.facets they sparkle perry again. super are an incredibly where all, it is an interesting and special stone if you have had the chance to read, you know how they they are but this you can say, it is a big dynamic peace for
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all los if you've got a large stone. nt $54.99. it is a customer pick at the high but this is the first time we've ever offered at this low price. for a large ring it does still nice, it will curb into your thinker which she will love. it feels fabulous. --curve these call-- your experience because many of you so many people miss this. it was the today's special back in march. 10,000 necklace is gone in six minutes. the earrings are coming up at midnight the hearing, we offer the airing back march and it sold out in 30 seconds. the earrings i am wearing price at
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24 reviews perfect 5 star is a very special hearing it is one of my favorite6 c13 special severance and i'm excited, we will tell you more about it coming up in 40 minutes.if you look like to takerecall piquet ring you see, this does make a statement and that is a lot ring. that is absolutely well it feels good, looks good and it is one of those that everybody, wants to grab your hand and get a book, the stone is not there is inclusion in this stone and they do call if a bargain because it is a natural inherent in the
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stone so do not expect a clearperfect stone, it will not be. it will have movement in it and if you'd like to order 203-408. i do want to show my dress on. everybody is asking but we have a card, but to get you the land. am and the medium. she is in the extra% size for and i am in the and i am as i say the event this 38 and a half inches long, it is gorgeous, hundreds are gone and i have so many requests for it and it truly part of the colleen lopez things collection in a fit you aren't looking for a beautiful dress, you
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have this forever our version is better than the original, it is fantastic. see the shutter playing, it is amazing things to your figure, if you like this dress, a third thought, if you'd like it, so many goodies happening and we do want to take a brief timeout. >>host: thank you and welcome to the spotlight is c13 coat to guide of things hsn we want to make sure that serena williams returns to hsn tomorrow with her signature election a week she will feature brand new items including great tops, late teens, and to hand back and she always brings us great in fashions at a great price and you can check out our entire line all day long+ going to hsn.comtype in key word
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serena williams. [commercial] [commercial] [reading] [♪ music ♪] [♪ music ♪] >>host: i am so
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excited and i have to be calmed. coming up in 36 minutes, we are going to be sharing, i one of the most exciting deliberate today's specials and this is a quintessential gifthusbands, that some of you want to give her a diamond earrings but you don't want to spend a fortune this is herkimer courts it were in the world can you get a deb guyot design like this there the greatest value i have ever seen in my entire life. it will be very exciting and it is coming up at midnight, you have seen my beautiful female colleagues wearing and everybody was very excited so i do hope you are ready because i do what you and i hope you can get one pair of the normally herkimer earrings
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between $119.220 $9 but we have never seen herkimer at this price level loan and daring. they're going $100 and stay tune but how you more coming up at night. for and center, we will show you anotherc13 bracelet, holiday price, this is called a board beautiful is a cool, fabulouscuff and you feel like joining us on the hsn checked christie is monitoring hsn chat with us she is taking your comments feedback and would love to say step by the hsnchat [reading] also you can join me on my face book page. let us know what you are up to.
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fever, we will be sharing great herkimer about elite values throughout the evening. lavage right, this is a beautiful green agate turquoise in and at this. -- we have the accent stones and i do believe they are smoky quartz accent, this is the green agate and we used linen cords and gamut this does have a lighter amethyst and deeper and at this and then the turquoise, that is featuring lapis. then here, i will show you this race that and how easy it is to put on, you said that on your wrist and you can send it to fit your wrist, you have to give it a little elbow grease but you
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can send it fit your wrist. this is my herkimer tennis bracelets and they are coming and made a little while. and a of people of wondering about this drop, that is coming up later in this hour and you can for that. this is all done with a beautiful cabochonstone and then you do have a little riverlike of fact, we've been in underground the larger stones. it is interesting it is beautiful on 3 pave flex pay a great holiday price, we took $30 off tonight, 202-036 finish to call in to order, say on the phone with of to meet you. hundreds of people have ordered our dress in the earrings box if you want any information about
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the today's special, and coming up at night and in 32 minutes, we are launching our very that best value of the day and it is a good one, i do hope you will get a pair for you if you're thinking about this, what all my jewelry friends out there everyone should on this, it will favorite, it looks so beautiful and youthe, they're a light and they are gorgeous that will be coming up but the cuff bracelet, you're waiting for you and your choice of color they'll look great, there is your labradorite the images, and have a dark purples, light purples, i love the green agate, the turquoise does have made tracks so it does have an interesting organic turquoise. 202-036.also coming a lot of you're asking about my neck was
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and will show it to you. we have your choice of the sterling silver or gold for may, i do about the land,-- ermeil are always to wear it. i have been doubling them up. i love it and look at the huge herkimer sterling silver, $199.90 its550 and deb guyot is standing as a group we will be talking about this but what is me, this is how god made this, this is mother nature or, this is a double terminated, everyone comes out of the ground, we do have to termination points, north and south and that is what makes this so rare and that originally it was discovered by indians and they did not know what it
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was, the beautiful diamond star shaped stones are coming out of the ground and there is so much cold legend attached to its in if you do want the big drop, that is coming up later in the hour. we have a great value on this your trace of lapis or turquoise, this is a big cushion it shaped stone cut my cabochon it is a real nice smooth surface. i love the lapis lapis is fantastic, i love it, bold, beautiful rich fun and then of course the turquoise you can see that beautiful matrix going and does give it some character, we have the simulated diamonds will add to the personality of the $79.90,
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big, bold, beautiful ring and this is done in bronze and finished in the gold. i do think you will love it and you can see, on finger is a statement piece to be i it will make some room for you if you want to put other hearing boxes out the meantime, if you are booking for guess, you know her ring size and she loves people cocktail ring or statement ring this will be the fact that you are getting, this is a big piece of lapis.vthat is under $80 in 9 flex pay in the same with the turquoise. no 2 will be like. roasted should you have a bright-blue color with a beautiful kind of spider like
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matrix working in the stone that will make it so pretty and so beautiful and if you are looking for a cold rain there you go, stay on the line and coming up and the and 26 minutes and call your sisters, girlfriends, anybody who fabulous jewelry , but you are 8 gem lever or collector if you are looking for the most unbelievable hearing in terms of value in beauty look at these gorgeous things, look them sparkle.% there are 24 reviews on this hearing 23 are perfectrt reviews. one of the highest review the fastest selling area i've ever seen. % about 2000 pairs sold out--in 30 secondsoutstar the price was so
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much higher, $20 higher than what you will see tonight this is the biggest value and i am so with me and people do this in about 25 minutes. i do hope you will get a pair, i do not know if they have the information or not but you are welcome to ask about it if you would like to boatpeople move along. earrings on our mind we did think it would be fun to get back in stock for you the amazing thing box. we do this once or twice a year and it does take a minimum of six months to order these.when we sell at out today will be awhile before you see it again.700 people pre order but let me show you that colors because we do have all the colors and we will go through the design but if you on this, call me, would love to get your feedback because if you own it, you love it but i bought at least 15
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of these boxes i have given them as gifts, i have a couple full of earrings, i lovethese boxes. over here we have camel, ivory, black sea foam13 and then finally we do have chocolate. is it the colors. this is the choice is and what makes this so unique, first of all their windows around, i will take one that doesn't have anything in you can see through the top sides of my you can literally see
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and you have windows all the way around and through the top. in at a glance to concede and tired of hearing or durban also what makes it nice, when you open it up, there is a door right here but this is an hour on exclusive line of the earrings boxes and this keeps all of your airing central rate tarnish free for 50 years. and you do not have to worry. the hassles with our jewelry is it is tarnishing we're always having to publish. out and you can play, you can put tubes dangles, drops, you can put cents and that is what we love about this you can see all of the stands, and there each of the stands willc13 pairs of earrings there are seven stance. you are getting3 earrings to be stored in your new box. there itat everything, this
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is a jewel guard lined box hair type was 750 with everyone on the phone there are 50 left. they disappear on acid people love the spocks. they did just that the flex pay, the flex pay issues for the designer valery event. they decided that about one hour ago and that will only stay on for this event.ivory, black is very popular. if the croco boss finished and the unsettled door, it is easy to get in and out and you just that it would take me and that's, for some reason it is like in the dry air, i was always losing an
11:38 pm
airing. me now of of my earrings are so ordered a, a king glance at my box, if you are investing in the jewelry , we want to keep our jewelry nuys, that is what these boxes are out. the other thing is, noing you can turn it, there is, bring you just reach end, there is that who i was looking for, they are in there for you and is fabulous. if you are looking and again if you are looking a girl was everything she does not have this.this is our original design because we are jewelry girls i have a jewelry team in the brain storm
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and we take your ideas and a lot of my face book friends and a lot of you come to the blog3 and to go to work to come back with beautiful functional as portable ways to take care of deliberate to organize and that is what it is all about but if you are looking for a way to take care, one pair of earrings will cost more than this box,. there's fear the 1000 left and as i was pointing it does take about six months, it takes forever to we order these boxes so if you aren't looking for something for you a treat for someone in your life here at this and that may show you the colors again. this is called we have camel ivory
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black, i will find out which colors we're losing.last call on the camel they just told me and we do have a black, this is the film, next week to have the cranberry this is the color choices available right now but if you make your call, we will take this home to and you can put it under the tree for someone it would be a nice and a that is an extraordinary gift and do not be surprised you're my listing get that for christmas, that to me is a neat gift. i would love to receive that. up and that would love to say hello to some
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of you shopping with us by the way i know that we lots of friends on the live chat, leopard girl8the herkimer tennis bracelet is her favorite book to necklace for work. lena 03 get a person on the face book, a big shot out to sherry daisy treason and judy all of the face book friends out there for us. and what fun we are happy and as to call in to order, you have to see on the fun, we also will be meeting deb guyot fabulous designer of the stiletto earrings, we're all going wall for and definitely stay tuned because she will give you heard that story on this stunning today's special. this is easiest way to take care of your jewelry , this is a lazy
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person's way to take care of our jewelry . the box does the work for us. i decided to get a new box, that in florida owns the prestige boxes, hello. >>caller: how are you? >>host: i am fantastic and how are you? >>caller: c13 been shopping with you for 30 years in the first time that i called, let me tell you, when i see you on tv, i have to turn it off because no matter what, i have to buy something from you.the present everything so these boxes come on one time about a year ago you presented them in i said i will do it tomorrow,6 c13 everything was gone
11:43 pm
and every week i was on vine until i find out that they finally got it and i got six. >>host: you must like them? >>caller: yes and i do have a bunch of earrings and the start tarnish and it is perfect whoever who is on the line, let me tell you i 6 and especially with everything from hsn it i do have the rings, the one for the watches, it all of the prestige boxes, any one of those that you did you see the herkimer earrings? >>caller: am
11:44 pm
in trouble all the the time terry again these are a must and i will promise you they are as a portable and she would ever find any bar so stay tuned. >>caller: you are great groton everybody at hsn happy holidays to everybody. >>host: think you so much we do appreciate you watching and shopping with us. those hearings will be too, she is 6 of the earrings boxes. and really, if they keep you organized if you have a garland life who loves earrings that is it, that is the box foreshore. i promise that she will love it and it is available we it like it. and i think we have most of the colorsnd ivory is gone, brown
11:45 pm
and camels sold out but hold on, i will announcehere could be spoken for, thank you for your calls and now, we do have a time not to take and when we come back, i will get you the information on my dress one more time but we do have a time out and we will be welcoming the fabulous designer extraordinary be sharing this bill to gemstone reset and i do hope that you will stay tuned for that and then of 15 it minutes, state and they're not 99 $9 or nine $89, wait until you see the value of these gorgeous hearings and the sparkle like nobody's business, they're comfortable, classy, and what my
11:46 pm
favorite thing about them isamazingly flattering they are, they're so flattering short hair long what ever shaped face, there are so pretty. that is coming up in 15 minutes and more goodies in store and the designers gather a gift event will continue after this. [commercial] [commercial] [commercial]
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[commercial] [commercial] [reading] >>host: the lovely valerie and i are modeling for you might wine and dina dress, if you are looking for it up
11:48 pm
less stress, this is half gonna buy you to see it, it is fabulous. it fits perfectly.she is in the extra small, it fits her perfectly and it you followed the shutter pleading. it is not too short and sometimes dresses are too short but the sleeves are stretchy and it is so comfortable to wear, i about this trust them and we did this version compared to the original version, this is nicer, better, and i will show you, it has a lining, i love that. i will head of for this because i want you to see it real quick, it is over half gone so considered if you like to treat yourself. coming up
11:49 pm
now, we are going to be welcoming the fabulous deb guyot have goodies that we want to talk about coming up now and for those of you that are a fan, often with love to chat with you and those who are new she calls her jewelry messy perfection and she is a fan real genuine gemstones and this is a beautiful choice of gemstone, we have lapis with clear courts, we do have leverage right in the office, rose quartz smoky and matching bracelets.beautiful, colorful, fun to wear and the value that you are seen on your $99.90 to $164 for the matching necklace and they are both available with 3
11:50 pm
flexible payments. they have personality, movement in our duty, calder sass. --inner beauty and outer sass. >>host: this is deb guyot >>guest: and you for staying up late to play with a and >>host: if you been following i >>guest: they're one of us on the face book, we're out of the park excited because it is something that 11 it makes it easy to get excited. >>host: that looks gorgeous on you.
11:51 pm
>>guest: is the sparkle where we need it especially this time of year.i was really tickled to see chris the end of this beautiful young ladies. they made me feel good. >>host: some about this for the bridesmaids and we will be talking about that coming up. >>host: if you like to say hello to christy, you can send out any comments, we would love to say hello to you. and i want to show everybody this necklace.
11:52 pm
>>guest: this is so cool because this necklace is my very favorite but to peace, this is part of my and that is because it is a and go. not only will you enjoyed wearing their right where you put your you can double in it and where is it like a very at, no class no work, you take the piece dinner is first to go in that way. that is fun. you can literally take it and let us pretend this is neck. and then you can grab it through.
11:53 pm
>>guest: all you do is the necklace, folded in half fold it in half and to the stone through the closed end of the chain and bring it through, there you have it. >>host: i've been wearing one at and one that long to player together. >>guest: i like you to take these and make their own into your own thing and then share with us, let us know. >>host: is is the first time you have done gold vermeil. >>host: these are natural of the earth and stones, mother nature, thought given bassets, 18 cassettes and that is why there are so rare that is because nothing comes out of
11:54 pm
ground like this. >>guest: that is what makes them so magical day are a treasure perry said it is amazing to me that this is a god- given at little gem . >>host: this is gone. >>guest: you will love it. >>guest: >>host: of a couple more we will squeeze and but this is the station and this is so beautiful. this in sterling silver is so, you can the speckles. >>guest: in san lerwick or you think of it to someone to want something sparkly but not too much. >>host: 1 in my face book was saying she but this tennis bracelet and she has never taken it off.about the herkimer%
11:55 pm
, there for everyday wear, this is where cobblestoned and that is what your jewelry is about. he designed for world woman to love to sparkle in love to have glamour and sparkle but it is not jewelry that is so fussy or over theressy that it has to wait the special occasion to come out. >>guest: i hope this is the piece that never passed to get put back in the box. lead to wear it until great and it but especially with the herkimers, and there's no color to the minute with anything. >>host: this is done with the oxidized or black gold looked and there it is your station. there you have done the their ring for us and that is so in. you got layering. and >>guest: consumer at short or long. >>host: but this great is that you really do get the
11:56 pm
beautiful uniform waterfall the fact. >>guest: that is for the world at once to wear something light but fun and fabulous. did you do put that on with a white oxford top and aging jacket and you are good to go. >>guest: we can oxidize the chain to give a big gun metal look. it 100 percent sterling. we did not take any of the value out, it is all there for you. i do like the tonal quality of it. >>host: into stock start building a world of herkimer you will see why there is so unique and beautiful. the pairing is a must have.the earrings sold out in 30 seconds.
11:57 pm
>>host: that beautiful drop is gone and thank you so much. >>guest: a want to hear from you because that will be a piece that i do hope you will put with their t- shirts because i do. let me show you a couple things going on a first of all, here the tennis bracelet timer in and you can see that they're gorgeous. they do have extenders to and where short or long, for payments of $29.98 a night to allow the bracelet. it is beautiful and i miss this completely. they were gone. just like that and literally like the earrings that were talking about there are gone in seconds. >>guest: is
11:58 pm
difficult to have the quantity we need to bring to you. we have to minethe material in the u.s., we value, cut it weigh it and set it aside and is not easy to get and that is why they are gone. >>host: this is the tennis necklace and we are showing this is for 24 in. length. this is the one here, this is a long work, so of you requested a long garland and what happened for me i could wear this longer if i wanted to see you can really drop this down but it is so absolute the gorgeous. >>guest: if you pick up that drop coming of the 24 in. wood frame that drop perfectly perry again >>host: $299.90 that is amazing carry and.
11:59 pm
>>host: yes of a 16 in.. this is the 18 and that is a former today's special and then here is the 16 that will have little bit shorter. get it does have an extender so he will put 2 18 in.. >>guest: my friends to light shorter necklaces, that is why we brought you the 16 in..amides '80s who like the long bar necklaces that is what we did the 24, the other but you want to frame it. it is finally time carry again >>host: in goodness

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